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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

October Baby

I happened to see a news story about this film, and it peaked my interest.  The story centers around a girl who is an abortion survivor.  I  had no idea there were survivors.  They are obviously an unmentioned group of children, but they have a story to tell--just the kind of dramatic story that filmmakers search to uncover, but Hollywood has left this untouched.  Luckily, independent filmmakers took it on and did a fine job with it.  There are some second rate elements to the movie--some of the side characters are clumsily written and clumsily delivered, some of the "secrets" used to tell the story and cause conflict between Hannah and her father (John Schneider) do not seem logical--but I was riveted to the main storyline.  It was beyond  my experience.  I could relate to an adoption story even though I am not adopted, but I found myself thinking, "I have no idea what it would be like to be her."  Rachel Hendrix (Hannah) and Jason Burkey (Jason) give authentic performances, so it is easy to follow them along their journey.  The most compelling performance is given by Jasmine Guy as Nurse Mary.  She just sits in a chair and tells what she remembers, and it is so real.  I'm there.  The film obviously has a point of view, but it does not preach.  It tells a story.  And in the end it becomes a story for everyone.  It is not a story of condemnation, but of goodness. 

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