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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Art in KC

Last Thursday I took myself to Kansas City for an "art day."  I started at the home of Thomas Hart Benton, an American artist with a distinctive style.  He bought this house in the 1930s with his wife, Rita, and died there in 1975--in his studio.  His wife died 11 weeks later, and everything was left untouched in the studio and house.
For me it was the Kansas City version of visiting the Albrecht Durer house in Nuernberg.  It is where the work of painting happened.

An interesting thing I learned about Benton while I was there is that he was a participating artist in the Lithograph-of-the-Month-Club.  What?!  You could buy lithographs like you buy books?!  Benton believed that art ought to be available to the public for a reasonable price.  I like that.

"Island Hay" by Thomas Hart Benton

 Next I went to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art to do a little research for some paintings I've been working on.  I've been playing with color, shape and line to see what happens.

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