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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mt. Timpanogos

Wanda picked up her painting of the mailboxes when she came through here, and LaNell placed an order for a painting of Mt. Timpanogos with a meadow in the foreground.  I did a little research and found that most of the views of Timp with a meadow are atypical views of the mountain, so did a little cutting and pasting.  I painted a recognizable view of the mountain in the distance with a meadow that would be found on a different side.  I put the deer in there just because, and I'm uncertain about it.  But, LaNell likes it there.


  1. Hello Jeneen:) I love this painting! The flowers in the front are so beautiful and gives the painting so much color. Love the deer behind it. Very nice. Love it!

  2. Thanks, Renate. Since you like it, too. I guess the deer stays.