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Monday, January 28, 2013


This year started almost exactly as last year.  The kids left after Christmas--including Meredith who went back to school--I was was left wondering what to do with myself.  This time it is for real because Joseph and Megan--and Matthew--all have jobs that will keep them busy where they are, and Meredith will be going on a mission to Norway for 18 months as soon as the semester is over.  That means I cleaned out the basement, again, and organized my workspace so I could start all over again in the new year.

 I'm working on two very different paintings right now.  Neither of them is finished, but I'll post them in progress just to see what I've got going.

I'm working on the Pineapple Gate in Charleston, SC, for my class in Kansas City,

and I've started an abstract painting in a workshop that Lynette Hayes (from the local artists association) is offering.
Hopefully, I'll be able to post the finished works soon.

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  1. Hello Jeneen:) That first painting is very nice. I love the depth you gave it. The building makes it very interesting to look at. The whole composition is perfect. Very nice!
    The second painting has beautiful colors. I'm looking forward to see it finished:)